Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let Your Fire Fall - Acts 2:3

Let Your Fire Fall
June 12, 2011 - Pentecost
Acts 2:3

  • Today is Pentecost Sunday
  • 2000 years ago an event happened which turned the religious world on its head
  • The disciples were assembled in an upper room, where they had been praying for the coming of the promise
  • 10 days before the resurrected Jesus had told them to wait in Jerusalem to be baptized with the Holy Spirit
  • He told them that when this happened, they would receive power, and that they would be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth
  • Let's read it
  • Acts 1:4-8
  • The disciples continued to pray
  • They selected a successor to Judas Iscariot, and chose Matthias, so the number of apostles was once again 12
  • And they continued to pray

The disciples were together, keeping Pentecost

  • Acts 2:1-4
  • They were all together in one place
  • First of all, it was Pentecost
  • This was one of the holydays described in Leviticus 23
  • Pentecost is a Greek word which means Count Fifty
  • During the days of unleavened bread the Israelites were to bring a wave sheaf offering to the priests, to be offered before God
  • This was rougly at the time of Easter
  • This wave sheaf was the first stalks of barley to be harvested in the spring harvest
  • From the day that they offered this before the Lord, they were to count 7 weeks or fortynine days, and then it says on the day after they finished counting the 7 weeks, in other words the fiftieth day, they were to keep the feast of weeks or Shavuot
  • So Pentecost means count fifty, and it always lands on a Sunday
  • Pentecost was unique in God's festivals in that it had to be counted out.
  • On that day there was an assembly of the church
  • So the disciples were all together in one place, observing Pentecost

The disciples were together, praying

  • There was unity among them
  • One was not thinking, I'm going back to see mom
  • Mat 6:33
  • Another was not thinking, I don't want to be here with Peter
  • Psalm 133
  • There was a unity of purpose, they were all praying for the promise to come, the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Acts 1:14

The disciples were together, obedient to what God had said

  • Acts 1:4-5
  • Jesus tells them to do something and they did it
  • Are we obedient to every word the Lord tells us?
  • It was said of Samuel the prophet he let none of the Lord's words fall to the ground - 1 Sam 3:19


  • This last week I have been reading about revival here in the US, starting with Stoddard back in 1672
  • I want revival in my own life
  • I want revival in this church
  • and I want revival in this town
  • As I read through this book I noticed a number of things
  • Each of these awakeners was sold out, not afraid of consequences, and had a hunger to do what the Lord had laid on their heart
  • I am convinced that most all of us have had fire in our bones at some time
  • But often we are not obedient to what God says, and we grieve the Holy Spirit
  • As we grieve the Holy Spirit, it creates distance between us
  • Today we are contending for that fire to return
  • We want to return to an obedient walk with God
  • We want to do the things we have neglected
  • Maybe we are like the church at Ephesus which left its first love
  • But we can rebuild what was lost
  • Like a marriage
  • A marriage can grow cold by not doing the things that make for a vibrant marriage
  • But it can also be rebuilt, starting by getting back to the things we did when we were first in love
  • So let's turn back to the hunger for God that we had at the beginning, and new life will come into our walk with God

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