Sunday, January 4, 2015

Growth in 2015 - Phil 3:12-16

Growth in 2015!

January 4, 2015

Phil 3:12-16


  • New year's resolutions top 10
  • 1. Lose weight
    2. Stop smoking
    3. Stick to a budget
    4. Save or earn more money
    5. Find a better job
    6. Become more organized
    7. Exercise more
    8. Be more patient at work with others
    9. Eat better
    10. Become a better person
  • Over 80% of resolutions are not kept!
  • The truth is, however, that without resolving to change, nothing will be different
  • We either plan to win or we plan to fail
  • There is no middle ground!
  • Today we are going to look at how to make 2015 a year when we win! Personally, and as a church!


  • Phil 3:12-16


  • verse 3-12
  • Paul had a lot of achievements in the physical realm, just like all of us
  • When we look at our lives in detail, we have a lot to be thankful for
  • This church as well has achieved a lot. Will talk about that in the business meeting on Jan 18. In some ways we are like the church in Smyrna, Rev 2:8 – we have gone through hard stuff, and satan's attacks, but we are still in the fight!
  • But the most important thing for Paul was that one goal, the pearl of great price, the treasure for which he would give up everything
  • That treasure was to know Jesus intimately, and to achieve the purpose for which Jesus had laid hold of him
  • For Paul, that was what his whole life revolved around
  • And so he persevered, he pressed on. He was not satisfied with the status quo
  • What has Jesus laid hold of you, for? What does he expect of you, personally?
  • What does Jesus expect of this church? Are we doing what he is looking for?
  • This is a time for introspection, for looking inside our heart
  • When we stand before Jesus and give an account of how we conducted our lives, will we have accomplished what he has asked of us?
  • Some of us have been persevering, drawing near and being obedient to our call. We are persevering
  • Others of us may not have been doing so well.
  • Today is a day when we can get back on track, and then persevere till we achieve that purpose!

PLAN TO FORGE AHEAD – verse 13-14

  • As we have seen in previous weeks, God's kingdom is a growing kingdom
  • It does not reach a point of self-satisfaction, thinking it has achieved enough!
  • It is the same with us!
  • We leave the past behind and reach forward to the future!
  • We look to what is ahead of us, and make plans for future growth!
  • What is it that God wants to do in your life, this coming year? If you don't know, ask him! Listen for his quiet voice. Expect his answer! Write it down!
  • This church is making plans to forge ahead! More about this on Jan 18.
  • We will be setting goals
  • How about ourselves? What goals have we set for this year?
  • Goals that are a part of the purpose God has for us, personally?
  • Is he showing you he is changing your direction either slightly or in a big way? Build this into your plans!
  • Then forge ahead, throw yourself into achieving those goals
  • We walk by faith and not by sight – 2 Cor 5:7


  • As we mature in our Christian walk, we can look back at a history of both accomplishments and setbacks
  • Paul is telling us to look at those things which we have succeeded in, and maintain the momentum we achieved
  • What things worked for you, this last year?
  • What made it work? Decide to continue doing those things!
  • Learn lessons from the past and then plan to maintain momentum in those things that God blessed!
  • Here are some of the things that have worked in this church:
  • We are a small church, but even when we were larger, this church was a family! We welcome visitors into our family!
  • We have a dedicated worship leader and we enter into God's presence with anointed worship each Sunday!
  • We have been responsible in paying off our debts, as a church! Around $58,000 in the last 4 years!
  • We actively pursue God's presence and leadership
  • We are not afraid to actively confront the enemy, which is a distinctive of our church.
  • These are things we need to maintain, they are a part of our spiritual DNA


  • So how are we going to make 2015 a winning year?
  • Plan to persevere and not give up – discover what Jesus expects of you, and persevere in doing this. Get back on track if necessary, but persevere in accomplishing God's purpose
  • Plan to forge ahead – set goals, which fit into God's purpose for you, and then throw yourself into it!
  • Plan to maintain momentum in those areas of life God is blessing! Move forward in new areas God is leading you and at the same time maintain momentum in the areas where God is blessing you.
  • Above all, let our central focus be seeking God and his perfect will
  • If we do this both as an individual, and as a church, the fruit will be evident!

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